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Fundamentals of Mycaski Leadership Mindset

I believe that Leadership is a lifetime pursuit. Each day brings new challenges and the technique is to consistently find and propose solutions rather than procrastinate, pass the buck or walk away.  Way back in the late 70s on an overseas assignment with an American Oil Company I was representing the End User at a system design review. To cut a long story short, during this meeting, my customer was rather complimentary about the presentation I had developed and their comments struck a chord with me that has resounded ever since. I knew instinctively what they said should be taken on board and that I could use it repeatedly. Question was ‘how to remember what they said’. So I had one of those Eureka moments and constructed MYCASKI. From then on I started to incorporate MYCASKI into conversations with my work colleagues, friends and my family and it has served me well to this very day and I know it to be timeless.
At the risk of repeating myself, Leadership is a lifetime pursuit. So how do we achieve this desire to be a leader, what makes us even want to. I believe it is the instinctive leader in us all. We want to succeed. We need to succeed. What we need to do is understand the instincts. The first step is self leadership. We have all had challenges since the day we were born and we have survived dare I say not without a few mishaps and a little guidance from our parents especially Mom. We ventured on thru those formative college years and finally into the workplace with an equal measure of relevant support along the way. We have acquired a variety of skills and values that shape our behaviour in arriving at solutions. Skills, experience and values distinguish leaders, great leaders and exemplary leaders. However my experience has shown me that underpinning all leaders is a certain fundamental mindset that enables leadership to be practiced and enjoyed in the workplace, within the family and with the wider community. MYCASKI is no substitute for Skills, Experiences and Values. It offers a powerful reminder for sustaining leadership. Frequent Consideration and Practice of MYCASKI will underpin and sustain your desire.
MYCASKI philosophy suggests all leaders do what they do because they want to and believe in what they do, they always make things happen, they have confidence by the bucketful and always challenge themselves, are definitely accountable, always looking to improve their knowledge, insist upon integrated relationships and overall they focus upon setting an example and imagining the future.
Have you ever driven a regular route from A to B and on occasion arrived safely at B never remembering the last part of the journey. How did you do that? Repetition and practice embeds the details into your subconscious, thats how; and it is that which takes over and reminds you what to do and consider along the way. Ever wondered why the top professional golfers practice so much.
Repeat the following often and improve your leadership mindset.
M= MAKE it happen and MAKE time for others
Y= YOU must want to and YESTERDAY is history
A= Be ACCOUNTABLE and ALLOW others to grow
S= SET the example and SEE your vision
K= Improve your KNOWLEDGE and KNOW your limitations
I= INTEGRATE relationships and be emotionally INTELLIGENT
I invite you to join me and adopt the MYCASKI philosophy. Develop your own Consideration and Practice reminder frequency; personally, I think about it continuously.

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