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Self-Motivation – Inspiring the minds of leaders at all levels

Businessdictionary states Self-motivation as ‘the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. People with self-motivation can find a reason and strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing another to encourage them’  In its simplest form it is the impulse that drives you to do things.

What is that all important trigger that grabs your attention to enable you to pull this off. Your pals are off playing games or partying; but you decide to get a casual job or volunteer to help out. Why? There are many scientific answers and surely too many to contemplate adopting in an effort to acquire the impetus to do, rather than do nothing.

Reading this post is proof positive that you want to…rather than not.

Let me state, in line with my other posts, that my constant held belief that there is no substitute for Skills, Values and Experience and nothing I advocate in this post challenges that belief.

There are many articulate and professional sources and theories that explain self-motivation.  Many say it is a skill and can be learned. Many state it is a desire borne out of love and because we want to or alternatively because we have to for money. Many say it is inherent and part of our genes. I expect that all contribute to the often overwhelming desire to succeed.

There is no doubt that motivation drives us to fulfill our ambitions in our personal, community or business lives; as does lack of motivation destroying that fulfillment in equal measure.

There are many techniques to frame the mind that encourage us to define objectives and requirements.  By setting out short and or long term personal goals and commitments you can measure progress or lack of it then make the necessary impetus to complete.  I have found thru my own experience that however noble I was I invariably came up short because other things got in the way; like New Year resolutions, how long did you pursue or achieve them?

As life goes on you must develop and learn those techniques together with acquiring new skills and experiences which will definitely lead to you to being more motivated with subsequent benefits.  But this obviously takes time. So how can we establish an earlier desire to succeed and also sustain that desire as well as underpin Skills, Values and Experiences…in other words initiate and keep motivated.

MYCASKI offers a way that strikes a balance by providing a powerful mindset that focuses upon motivation as you continue your leadership journey. MYCASKI is a system with each letter representing a formal consideration that when practiced instills a subconscious reminder that raises performance, benefits others and feeds a natural desire to succeed.

Quite simply you need to remember what each letter represents then repeat and practice it as often as you wish. MYCASKI is the word to remember…how simple is that.

Have you ever driven regular route from A to B and on occasion arrived safely at B never remembering the last part of the journey. How did you do that? Repetition and practice embeds the details into your subconscious and it is that which takes over and reminds you what to do and consider along the way. Ever wondered why the top professional golfers practice so much.

Repeat the following often and improve your leadership mindset and motivation…

M = Make it happen and Make time for others

Y = Do not dwell on Yesterday and You must want to do it

C = Be Confident and Challenge yourself

A = Be Accountable and Allow others to grow

S = Set the example and See the desired outcome

K = Improve Knowledge and Know your limitations

I = Integrate relationships and be emotionally Intelligent

I invite you to join me and adopt the MYCASKI mindset. Develop your own Consideration and Practice reminder frequency; personally, I think about it all the time.  I would welcome your feedback.

Best Regards Raymond

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