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Encouraging words from the heart

Dear Leaders and anyone who has a desire for Leadership,

I am sure you are aware, that there is so much to leadership and, anyone who claims ‘I am a leader now!’ does so at their own peril.  It is also worth knowing, and I think you would agree, that a leader continues to develop year on year by acquiring new Skills, strengthening Values and fashioning their bedside manner through new Experiences. There are no substitutes for these and it is imperative that every leader is unconditionally aware of each.  A diversity of each determines their leadership character and style.

My particular focus is upon maintaining the desire in you for leadership whatever your walk of life.  Each day brings you new challenges, some daunting, some enjoyable and some simple, but nonetheless challenges.  I have developed a mindset that traverses the boundaries of working, personal and community life and focuses upon providing a reminder to ensure you have a consistent and repeatable approach in engaging whatever comes across your path.

Throughout my life experiences I recall a myriad of traits, behaviors, strengths, habits, manners to name but a few, exercised by a variety of disparate leaders.  My thoughts centered upon how I was ever going to be a leader of any note with so many things to remember.  What I did recount however was enlightening.  In culinary parlance, I threw everything, all of these attributes, into the pot, simmered and reduced to provide a fulfilling sauce.

The outcome was that leaders in essence; Make things happen, they do not dwell too much upon Yesterday, they Challenge themselves, Allow others to grow, always Set an example, Know where they are going and finally Integrate relationships by recognizing their team.  You can remember this through the key word capital letters MYCASKI.  I consider and practice this mindset repeatedly.

I believe that if all was going awry with things in general…this mindset would surmount all in its path and create a great foundation for leadership endeavors in anyone’s working, personal and community life, forever!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I wish with all my heart that you can find the time to consider and practice MYCASKI. I encourage you to at least try; a follow on Twitter will indicate such.

It will cost you nothing but the desire to be a better leader.

Best Regards Raymond


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