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Stop thinking that leadership is in the job title and has to be awarded or earned.

If you are sitting around waiting for a promotion or an organizational change to make you a leader then you will have a long wait.

Most leaders experience over time a set of circumstances that fashion their leadership mindset, whilst others can be thrust into a situation requiring immediate thought and action.

Some say leaders are born; do you believe that leaders are born. Of course everyone is born so it must be true.

Born with a leadership mindset!!! What nonsense.

We are influenced by those around us, by our environment, our senses, successes and failures. We are in a constant state of learning in our personal, working and community life.

Many people are not aware of their own leadership abilities and simply drift thru life.

Are you such a person.

  • Do you aspire to greater things but don’t know how.
  • Do you start with the best intentions and then tail off never reaching your goal.
  • Do your friends and colleagues race ahead of you.

Do you want to have a leadership mindset…forever!

There are a myriad of books, tutorials, videos and management gurus available teaching every conceivable leadership trait or behavior on the planet.

It is nigh on impossible to be a leader with a sharper recall than google. The task of acquiring leadership is daunting enough without new concepts appearing on a regular basis. How on earth do you keep up.

There are of course major factors that differentiate leaders across all walks of life and profession; namely skills, experiences and values. There are no substitutes for these for any rational leader.

It is these that separate the good from the great from the best.

From my research and experience there are certain repeatable thoughts that a leader constantly falls back on that ensures his continued focus on leadership.

The thoughts below are arranged in a form of letters that can be easily remembered…spelling out the word MYCASKI.

All you need do is recall each letter and repeat and focus on the sentiment on a regular basis.  After a while that thought will be subconsciously recalled as you go about your business.  Try it and see your performance and leadership improve.

The thoughts are:

  • Make things happen and Make time for others
  • Do not dwell too much on Yesterday and You must want to do this
  • Challenge yourself and be Confident
  • Be Accountable and Allow others to grow
  • Set an example and See the bigger picture
  • Improve your Knowledge and Know your limitations
  • Be emotionally Intelligent and Integrate relationships

Test yourself against these.  Do you have all these thoughts; if so then you have a leadership mindset.

If not and you want to improve your leadership…put MYCASKI to the test and join the growing leadership community.

Let me know how you get on.

Best Regards Raymond

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