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‘A reminder to ensure more outcomes’

Invariably the problem with New Year resolutions is that they are only focused upon once a year. Another major drawback is they are often set as difficult in nature. Typical examples are setting the commitment to give up smoking, or to attending the gym three times a week or to writing a novel. These are tough goals and in all likelihood we are setting ourselves up to fail. The purpose of the resolution as the word implies, is to be ‘steadfast or determined’ in our objective to achieve the goal. How do we persevere with such difficult goals? The truth is that in the main we don’t. I am not saying that they should be easy but we could make them less difficult and should be more positive. Route 1 may be the direct road to take to arrive at your destination but there are plenty of alternative scenic side roads that will get you there.

Take the first example of giving up smoking. You could reset that goal that would more than likely lead to the same result. Instead you could pursue a leisure activity like golf or simply join a rambling/walking club. You could volunteer to help out at the local hospital, kindergarten or the community library. How about a commitment to help out the old folk’s home? Either choice is a commitment that puts you into a non-smoking environment as well as being something more worthwhile and fulfilling.

Another problem with resolutions is that failure indicates that we cannot honor commitments causing an internal battle with discovery often leading to denial.

I consider resolutions on a more regular basis. Why would you do that I hear you ask, considering the observations above. Let me ask you this; would you consider them quarterly or monthly? ‘You must be joking’ I hear you say. Well how about weekly? Now I can hear the laughter. I can hear you saying ‘why not weekly or hourly?’ and I agree and say yes…why not.

Remember all those times when you set a resolution and actually achieved it. Do you remember how that felt? I bet it was good. Wouldn’t it be great to get the feeling on a more regular basis benefitting not only yourself but all those connected to you as well.

Setting the goal is the easy part; as I stated earlier the biggest challenge is persevering and following it thru. To do that everyone at all levels needs to have the right mindset. Without it we are doomed to failure from the very start.

Throughout my career on a continuing basis many people have said ‘Raymond gets the job done’ and ‘He honors commitments’. I know that my passion and desire have a large part to play and underpins all of this. It is nothing to do with Skills, Values and Experiences. It is the mindset. Running that last grueling mile thru the woods in driving snow, ice and freezing temperatures to deliver that vital assistance; burning the midnight oil to ensure that presentation was a success; believing you can and then making it happen. It is regular consideration and practice of the mindset that allows me to be so successful in honoring my commitments and achieving my goals time after time after time. Not just annually, but always.

The secret to my success is the word MYCASKI. Each letter representing a focal point acting as a powerful and personal reminder to me that fashions my mindset. It is this mindset that enables my commitments to be achieved on a regular basis. Details are provided in my ‘Fundamentals of Mycaski Leadership Mindset’ post and summarized below.

MAKE things happen
YESTERDAY is history…do not dwell on it
CHALLENGE yourself
SET the example
INTEGRATE relationships…two heads are better than one.

May I invite you to consider the MYCASKI reminder, as a method to underpin your resolutions and other commitments or goals you may have. I have great confidence that you and others around you in business, in your personal life and in your community will benefit from such a commitment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and good luck. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Best Regards

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