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‘They can because they think they can’ Virgil

‘They can because they think they can’ Virgil…

I am drawn to the above translation from Latin and find myself absorbed by just how far ahead their leaders were then compared to where we think we are today.

Things are fairly much the same aren’t they? and have remained so over history.  How so?  Surely things have changed.  As we have moved thru the centuries we have developed Regionally, Nationally and Globally and in so doing, Skills, Values and Experiences have changed; all tempered and adapted to account for improvements in Trade, Communications, Society, Data, Movement and Technology.  They will continue to change as we progress.  Virgil’s quote is just as valid today as it was then and will continue to be true way out into the future.  Our leaders today think no differently than they did then.  There is a basic ‘mindset’ that has prevailed.

To get thru their day and survive, leaders would Make things happen and Manage the situations presented to them; they would not dwell on what happened Yesterday and they wanted to be the leader; everyday they Challenged themselves and had the Confidence to rise to the occasion; they were definitely Accountable and always Allowed others to grow; without a doubt they Set the example and had Sight of where they wanted to go; they Knew their limitations and each day sought to improve their Knowledge; and finally the greatest of them Integrated their followers into cohesive teams and made sure they knew what buttons to press to get the best out of their followers…today we would call it being emotionally Intelligent.

We all have the opportunity to be leaders by adopting the right ‘mindset’. You too can acquire it.  It is as simple as ‘just doing it’ make the commitment and have the courage to just do it.  Believe in it ‘they can because they think they can’.  I am sorry to say the opposite is equally true so do not get caught up in the negative.   There is no substitute for Skills, Values and Experiences. It is these that differentiate leaders so you must continue acquiring them as is appropriate for you.

Please notice the bold highlighted letters above; they spell out MYCASKI a word I practice on a regular basis; it helps me recall what it is I need to consider to be a better leader. It is a personal (begins MY and ends with I) powerful reminder of a ‘mindset’ that sets a standard, brings consistency and sustains leadership.

Try it!  It costs nothing but your time and desire…it will improve your leadership, guaranteed.

Share this article and improve the leadership base. Let me know how you get on.

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