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MYCASKI strikes the balance

Let me applaud those experts that have mastered either Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Business Management, Customer Relationships, Law to name but a few. These are vast undertakings comprising a variety of subjects and becoming an expert entails thorough knowledge driven by new approaches, practicing new and old skills, values and experiences.

Keeping them at the top of their profession and underwriting their journey is a dependence upon their immense thought processes and recall.  They have heightened awareness to making things happen, are motivated, mindful of others, manage their time, have great morale, believe in what they do, want to do what they do, visualize the outcomes of what they do, have a great attitude, are true to themselves, do not dwell on yesterday, they have conviction, confidence, challenge themselves, others and the status quo, they communicate, care about themselves and others, embrace change, collaborate, are clear and courageous, they get things done, are accountable, achieve results, are not afraid, allow others to flourish, they set an example, are self-reliant, self-aware and exercise self-control, they improve their knowledge, know their limitations, align to key objectives, are kind, keep their distance and are guided by facts not interpretation, they are intelligent, innovative, integrate relationships, have great situational awareness and impact, involve and influence others; and last but not least, as I could continue for many pages more, they provide inspiration in their working, personal and community lives.

So if you consider and practice the above observations together with reading every leadership book available and attending a variety of training courses you too can become an expert.  How daunting is that.

Have no fear help is at hand and it is freely available to anyone with the inclination to succeed. My point is that there is too much to remember and think about…therefore don’t try at this stage…settle for MYCASKI as it will provide you with stability of purpose…the other will come over time. Let me point out that there is no substitute for hard work, acquiring skills, observing values and feeding off experiences.

MYCASKI has struck a balance of what is required to set you out on and sustain your leadership ambitions. Whatever level you are at is of no consequence to MYCASKI as it is designed for all that care to consider and practice it.  Each letter of MYCASKI represents the minimum requirement to developing and sustaining a “Leadership Mindset’. As time goes by the thought processes above, and more will become part of your armory; but MYCASKI will always keep you focused.

MYCASKI is designed to be personal, starting with MY and ending with I. It is a reminder system and nothing more.  I recall and practice it daily. M reminds me to Make things happen, Y to not dwell too much on Yesterday, C to Challenge myself, A to always be Accountable, S to Set an example, K to improve my Knowledge and finally I to ensure I Integrate relationships.

I sincerely hope that you will consider MYCASKI as a reminder to help with your leadership aspirations and I look forward to hearing from you with any feedback. It would be very much appreciated if you can please share this post.

Kind Regards…Raymond

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